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GrowthPoint was created to help marketers make lead management easy and effective. LeadCentral™, GrowthPoint's marketing platform was designed to do everything from database marketing management to lead distribution. LeadCentral tracks and measures marketing campaigns and works to maximize the return on every lead generated through nurturing.

Marketing organizations often spend a majority of their budget on lead generation, yet many of those leads don't receive the right attention, thus creating a cycle of spending to generate the same leads again and again. GrowthPoint's marketing process helps marketers organize and improve upon their data, understand their prospective buyers, prove ROI on marketing and most important, get the right leads to the right sales people in a timely fashion (including the most complicated 3rd-party sales channels). It is designed to help you close-the-loop on sales, with an easy to use and helpful sales tool that provides sales people with relevant marketing tools to help them sell and provide reports on who's following up and closing deals.

"Having someone who understands the process is where their (GrowthPoints) strength comes in. They're a sales company providing an IT tool, not the other way around. That can make all the difference in the world." Scott Shuler, Director of Marketing at FESTO

GrowthPoint's Lead Management Services

Lead Management / Marketing Measurement

  • Lead Resource Center for all users (marketing and sales) up to 1000 total users
  • GrowthPoint uploads leads from daily sources such as GlobalSpec
  • Daily importing of all lead sources sent to GrowthPoint (e.g. trade shows) 
  • Integrated security management (users only see what they are responsible for)
  • Unlimited campaigns and projects
  • Unlimited image and offer storage
  • Integrated and automated telesales workflow
  • Unlimited integrated campaign registration pages
  • Unlimited phone and email support from registration page to sales work flow
  • Integrated workflow supported from www.client.com
  • Automated workflow to grade and assign leads
  • Weekly personalized report to all sales informing them of open leads to follow-up and report results.
  • Automatic report distribution of Sales Performance reports to US Sales Management delivered monthly. Each Sales Manager receives a summary report showing their office’s lead management performance

Our Guarantee *

We put our money where our mouth is...

If you implement our lead management service (LeadCentralTM) GrowthPoint will refund your entire start up costs if we have not:

  • Helped you make better decisions about your marketing investments
  • Delivered leads promptly to sales, before they become too old to matter
  • Improved sales understanding where their leads are coming from, what is expected of them, and next steps that should be taken
  • Provided you with information essential to continuously improve your marketing and sales processes

How do we know we will meet these goals?  GrowthPoint works closely with both sales and marketing to implement marketing processes which drive sales and deliver measured results without burden.





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