Prospect Nurturing Services

GrowthPoint's lead nurturing programs help maximize the impact of every marketing dollar by connecting the right prospects with the right information at the right time, building prospect preference during every stage of the sales process.

The internet has changed the way people research and determine what products and services they will buy, and they are often far into their buying cycle long before you know they are interested or request an RFQ. The key to marketing today is meeting your prospective buyer early in their buying cycle, before they ever ask for information. GrowthPoint's nurturing programs are built inside of LeadCentral™ which was built to create a smart marketing process, that works to convert prospects to customers.

GrowthPoint's Prospect Nurturing Services

Nurture Email Marketing (standard email to a single list)      
Configuration     Once time Configuration

  • HTML of newsletter (2 options)
  • Opt in page and Opt Out Process
  • Enable progressive profiling
  • Pre-populated registration pages
  • List importation (up to 5,000 contacts)
  • Configuration and warm up of email domain

Email Drop Setup and Send (client to share content in word document)

  • Optional – client can do this on their own for a lesser cost
  • Programming of HTML email
  • Set up of text version of the email
  • Testing on all major email clients (e.g. multiple versions of Lotus Notes and Outlook, Hotmail, gmail, AOL…)
  • Sending test for approval (one round)
  • Sending email to selected list
  • Sending email a second time to people who have not opened (often a 20% engagement increase)
  • Reporting and analysis of results
  • Personalization based on contact data (higher cost)

Marketing Resource Center & Automation

  • Real time campaign/project measurement dashboards
  • Marketing campaign and project set up tools
  • Marketing automation with workflow and real time measurement
  • Flexible and configurable prospect scoring

Set up of a Marketing Automation nurture process

  • Flow charted process automation
  • Emails and registration pages set up
  • Content hosted on LeadCentral
  • Measured each step of the way with an online dashboard


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