Sales Tracking Services

GrowthPoint's sales tracking system creates cross company collaboration and visibility into sales effectiveness, handling even the most complicated 3rd-party sales channels. The system allows organizations to share information with 3rd party sales channels, supporting collaborative sales efforts to help close more orders and automatically roll up forecasts. Our sales tracking system is tailored to capture the specific information needed to track, manage and collaborate on sales pursuits.

GrowthPoint understands what it is like to manage your costs and live with budget. Unlike most systems, we charge one low monthly infrastructure investment with no "per seat" cost. GrowthPoint system is turn-key, we can have you set up and running in less than 30 days!.

"There was an immediate acceptance by the sales department, any time you give people something (LeadCentral) that helps them do their job and it's as easy as this to use, it's a home run." Scott Shuler, Director of Marketing at FESTO USA

GrowthPoint's Sales Tracking Services

Sales Tracking

  • Opportunity Management
  • Distributor Planning
  • Account Planning
  • Task Management
  • Integrated Security Management (users only see what they are responsible for)
  • Monthly Sales And Sales Management Reporting


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