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All the research points to the fact that content is the most important ingredient to your marketing. Having engaging content that resonates with your potential customer is the pathway to sales. Having the right content with the right messaging at the right time on a buyers journey is the key to your success.

At GrowthPoint we understand how to create content that will engage your prospects and drive them to action. We also understand you have limited budgets, our team of experts will help you organize what you currently have, create only what you need and make sure all of your content is working. But we don't stop there, through LeadCentral, our marketing platform, we will help you track and measure your marketing, making it easy to prove your marketing is not only working it is driving sales!

According to Sirius Decisions, one of the top 5 reasons companies fail with automated marketing is their content is not relevant and engaging!

GrowthPoint's Content Services

GrowthPoint has endless content service offerings.  Below we have highlighted a few including;

White Papers, Videos, eNewsletters, Registration Pages, Microsite, Blogs, Customer Presentation, Brochures, Battle Cards, Lead Generation and Direct Mail. Contact us for more information on the endless customized content offerings we can do for you.


White Papers

  • Identification of relevant whitepapers   
  • Interview client and external Subject Matter Experts (analysts, editors, customers…)
  • Internet research and potential market survey for additional content
  • Write engaging whitepaper that can be used to initiate a sales cycle
  • Creation of White Paper 


  • Planning
  • On-screen talent coaching
  • Script development          
  • Video shooting – single or multiple cameras
  • Animation development
  • Professional voice overs 
  • Professional on camera actor/spokesperson
  • Post production editing and music copyright management of content used
  • Multiple styles / lengths available depending on goals
    • Educational/Lecture/FAQ
    • Interviews
    • Presentations (e.g. from a live workshop) 
    • Testing/Demonstrations
    • Facility Tours
  • Testimonials
  • Posting to YouTube or other microsites
  • Creation of on-line video “containers”
  • Many of the videos posted here ABB Powered Channel and ABB LVP Channel

eNewsletters Content/Article Development

  • Recommendation of newsletter formats that best align with:
  • Marcom strategy
  • Resource availability (People and content)
  • Budget considerations
  • Identification of articles to be written        
  • Development of an editorial calendar
  • Finding current content available for use
  • Interviewing of Subject Matter Experts
  • Writing of the article(s)

Registration Page To Capture Contact Information

  • Integrated to LeadCentral™ assignment, scoring, grading and Marketing Automation communications (or your internal system)
  • Identification of required data needed to assign, qualify and grade lead   
  • Use of corporate standards for questions to be asked and data to be gathered
  • Use of corporate standards for look and feel of the page
  • Writing of copy to promote the offer (to be given to us by client)
  • Development and posting of HTML registration and thank you page
  • Hosting of the content to be shared
  • Delivery of key registration page metrics (from clicks to identified potential created by the page)
  • May be set up as a sub-domain to corporate page or in an iFrame on other website
  • Existing page can be copied in 4 clicks
  • No HTML required to create or tweak page
  • Computer and mobile browser support
  • No cost for copy of previous page or client develops registration and thank you page on their own

Multipage Microsite

  • Documentation of goals of the microsite
  • Create structure and post new site
  • Built on a modular, flexible and easy to use Content Management System (CMS)
  • Train client on how to post new content – (Client becomes self-sufficient)
  • Monthly Google Analytics report emailed to client

Blog Site

  • Built on a modular, flexible and easy to use Content Management System 
  • Structured to help readers find, and read relevant information
  • SEO Optimized – use of appropriate terms and content
  • Can be seamlessly built into other Microsites
  • Can be easily bundled with other blogs to support a similar audience
  • Monthly Google Analytics report emailed to the client

Customer Presentation (PowerPoint)

  • Based on key messaging of the product/service
  • Focused on the target audience and their pains
  • Copy and images
  • Built to client brand standards
  • Tells a story to the prospect of why they should buy – benefit based
  • Delivered in Microsoft PowerPoint format


  • Based on key messaging of the product/service
  • Focused on the target audience and their pains
  • Copy and images
  • Built to client brand standards
  • Tells a story to the prospect of why they should buy – benefit based
  • Delivered in PDF and In-Design format
  • Can include printing and delivery

Flash Card (Battle Card)

  • Developed to help sales quickly tell a compelling story
  • Identifies key customer pains and corresponding client benefits 
  • Creates an opportunity for a relevant conversation between sales and prospect 

Custom lead generation (scoring and marketing automation applications)

  • Development of the key goals of the site
  • Creation of the logic for the site
  • Development of prospect scoring to clearly identify the type of customer
  • Configuration of registration pages and content
  • Set up of the marketing automation flow to deliver the appropriate content

Direct Mail

  • Writing and mailing of direct mail letter
  • List identification and rental
  • Call-to-action options – managed by GrowthPoint
    • Registration page
    • Pre-populated fax back form
    • Toll free phone number 
  • Third Class to Overnight delivery options


Contact us for additional or customized service needs!

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