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GrowthPoint helps marketers align media plans to business objectives and maximize their return by integrating media investments into a comprehensive marketing program.


GrowthPoint's Media Services


  • Research all relevant media options (e.g. Channels, publishers, search engine Adwords, etc.)
  • Identify the best places to spend the budgeted media investment
  • Align options with marketing strategy
  • Negotiate pricing with the media companies
  • Develop close media partnerships and new, custom ad units and marketing opportunities (including white papers and advertorials) with media companies as necessary to meet strategic goals. 

Execution – Media Coordination

  • End-to-end testing of online promotions before submitted to media to confirm all elements work as planned
  • Ad trafficking
    • Right ad delivered to right media on time
    • Catalogue ad “screen captures” and “tear sheets” for all placed advertisements
    • Collection/collation of media performance reports on placed ads
    • Data integrated into LeadCentral when appropriate for end to end marketing reports
    • Reconcile insertion orders to actual ad deployment through to media invoice and payment
  • Working with the media company to negotiate appropriate compensation for advertiser should an error occur between insertion order and ad delivery

Execution – Ad/Creative Development

  • Print ads – ¼ to multi page
  • Online
    • Banners/sky scrapers/ boxes
    • Newsletter Sponsorships
    • Road Blocks
    • Develop new ad units as necessary for custom media programs. 
  • Created to client branding standards
  • Set up, optimize and report on Google and other search engine Adword projects


  • Development of summary and detail reports on media investment performance
  • Detailed metrics as compared to original goals (e.g. cost per impression, cost per opt in, Cost per lead, cost per qualified lead)
  • Suggestions on how these investments should be used in the future
  • Comparison between the investments with the media companies which have been selected
  • Single source of reporting from impression to opportunities identified (when Lead Central is used)

Social Media

  • Development of a Radian6 Listening Topic Profile
    • Automatic daily emails with key posts to client
    • Listen to key terms, filter out unrelated items
    • Summary reports available
      • Bloggers and other posters – Who is important to engage?
      • Competitive review – How well is ABB positioned vs. competitors?
      • Key topic priorities – What are the key topics being discussed?
  •  Create, upload and monitor YouTube Channels
  • Analysis and next steps beyond listening
    • Development of a social media strategy – blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook
    • Social Media Training
      • Content strategy
      • Which tools support which goals
      • How to set up your sites/pages


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