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GrowthPoint helps marketers translate target audience needs into value-based messages that resonate and increase prospect engagement and sales! A strong, consistent message to the marketplace is crucial for effective communications. Effective messaging takes into account the target audience's needs and challenges as well as the prospect's underlying motivations, both personal and business, that guide all business interactions.

To be effective, messaging must translate features into benefits stated in the customers language and show how the company's solutions address the prospects' needs better than the competition. At the end of the day, customers don't care about products or services they care only about how those products or services help them solve problems or reach their goals.

"Relevant emails drive 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails".  Jupiter Research

GrowthPoint's Messaging Services

Customer Conversation Mapping and Value Proposition Development

  • Basic
    • Identification of customer pains that trigger buying behavior    
    • Mapping key product/service benefits to customer pains
  • Comprehensive - all of Basic plus
    • Development of bold value propositions based on the benefits delivered
    • Test against competitors messaging – confirm message is unique
    • Value proposition testing with prospects and current customers
    • Completion of a messaging document to be used in all content development
  • Strategic - All of Comprehensive plus
    • Development of go-to-market recommendations based on the identified customer pains, value prop and messaging (i.e. content development plan, media/marketing automation) for budget planning (acquisition) purposes.

Focus Groups and Surveys     

  • Document the goals of the focus group or survey     
  • Development of a prospect engagement strategy
  • Creation of survey or focus group talking points
  • Conduct focus group or drop email survey
  • Document and analyze the findings
  • List rental for email surveys


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