Strategy and Planning

Strategy and Planning

GrowthPoint’s Strategy and Planning services help marketing executives produce results with a coordinated actionable approach aligned to your companies objectives and goals. Everyone knows the best path to sales success requires a coordinated effort between sales and marketing to engage and convert prospects into customers. The GrowthPoint team will help you address challenges such as:

  • Which channels will help us reach our customers best?
  • How should sales and marketing be compensated?
  • How do we structure marketing to gain the trust and coordination of sales?
"A whopping 68% of B2B organizations have not identified their funnel" Marketing Sherpa

GrowthPoint's Strategy and Planning Services

Marketing Strategy

  • Development of marketing strategies that align with business goals
  • Identification of marketing strengths, weaknesses and next steps
  • Competitive reports and analysis 

Sales Channel Strategy and Planning

  • Mapping current status – sales resource alignment and costs
  • Identification of sales challenges and items to improve
  • Sales restructuring planning and project management 
  • Sales territory re-alignment
  • Compensation research and alignment 

Media strategy

  • Development of media strategy/preliminary media plans for budget acquisition
  • Development of a media plan to meet strategic business goals
  • Shape the media strategy to match business goals and strategic objectives.
  • Review prior results and suggest path forward
  • Utilize GrowthPoint experience with media company and channel to market options
  • Identify key measurable goals and metrics in support of the strategy

Content planning

  • Identification and cataloging of currently available marketing content
  • Segmenting content by key businesses, customer pains and industries
  • Mapping existing content to current strategy and customer engagement goals
  • Creation of a “current content” use plan
  • Creation of a content development plan

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