"I'm a very demanding person, and this (LeadCentral) is even exceeding my expectations. I am not aware of a system out there that is as user-friendly or functional as this." Scott Shuler, Director of Marketing at FESTO USA

Marketing Platform

LeadCentral™  was built by world-class developers, but driven and directed by sales and marketing professionals!  We know you're responsible to: generate a consistent funnel of leads who are ready to buy, assign them to the appropriate sales person, measure sales potential and orders, and produce a return on every marketing dollar spent. Challenging to say the least!

That's why we created LeadCentral™. To give you the tools and templated process to make sure your marketing is working, and the ways to prove it. We also know cost matters, that is why we price LeadCentral™ with no per seat costs. Those hidden costs are what sky-rocket your spend. Our mission is to make you successful you pay for only what you utilize!

LeadCentral™ is designed to do the following:

  • Lead Management – an actionable marketing database that grows smarter with every interaction
  • Prospect Nurturing – making sure every lead is utilized to the fullest (including cross and up selling)
  • Marketing Automationthe tool marketers utilize to truly answer the questions and needs of every prospective customer, when they want it or need it
  • Prospect Scoring – Not wasting sales time with buyers early in the buying cycle, helping you gain the trust of Sales by providing them with leads ready to buy
  • Sales Tracking – a tool to deliver the right leads with all relevant details to Sales (including complicated channel sales structures). With a closed-the-loop sales reporting system allowing you to show who’s selling what

Prospect Nurturing

GrowthPoint lead nurturing programs work to maximize the impact of every marketing dollar you spend utilizing LeadCentral. We help you build marketing programs that make it easier for you to determine exactly where your prospects are in their buying cycle and to maximize every lead. Automated marketing will save precious time for your limited staff and once created, automatically nurtures prospects until they are ready to buy. Good execution of marketing automation makes it hard for your competitors to compete. Most important, it will keep sales focused on ripe leads instead of wasting time on weak prospects

"Nurtured leads produce, on average, a 20% increase in sales opportunities versus non-nurtured leads."DemandGen Report
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Lead Management

LeadCentral™ is GrowthPoint’s Marketing Platform. Built by marketers like you who were frustrated with the lack of support they had to prove ROI and no easy way to qualify and distribute leads. LeadCentral™ is a marketing database, designed to quickly get the right lead to the right sales person with full details to help them effectively sell.  It tracks and measures marketing campaigns and gives you knowledge of how they’re working!  GrowthPoint® is a marketing and technology company, but our technology was developed by marketers with decades of industrial B2B sales and marketing experience.  Let us give you the right tools to do what you really need to do, to drive sales and prove it!

Call us for your free Lead Management consultation.  Our team can quickly assess your lead structure and make recommended guidance to get your leads working for you and proving ROI.

"Effective implementation of a MAP (marketing automation process) is largely a matter of managing process, not technology"Sirius Decisions
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Sales Tracking

Herding Cats.  Anyone who has ever managed a complicated or 3rd party sales channel knows it’s not easy.  Sharing information and coordinating sales and marketing activities is a challenge.  GrowthPoint’s LeadCentral system has built in sales tracking and support.  It allows organizations to easily share information with 3rd party sales channels, is easy to use and provides high value back to Sales.  LeadCentral supports collaborative sales efforts to help close more orders and automatically roll up forecasts.  Most important, it allows you to easily see who is following up on leads and making sales with a click of a button!

Call us for your free sales tracking consultation.  Our team can quickly assess your sales structure and make recommended guidance to get your sales leads working for you and proving ROI.

"61% of B2B marketers send all leads directly to Sales; however, only 27% of those leads will be qualified." MarketingSerpa
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