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GrowthPoint's lead nurturing programs help maximize the impact of every marketing dollar, building prospect preference during every stage of the sales process. Connecting the right prospects with the right information at the right time is the key to marketing success today!

"Research shows that 35-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first."

Marketing challenges

Marketing and sales drives company performance. To develop opportunities needed to succeed, marketing must address many challenges, including:
  • prospect awareness and preference
  • lost sales' productivity due to poor quality leads
  • poor visibility into the prospect’s buying cycle
  • lack of campaign performance metrics
  • poor campaign and marketing ROI
  • shrinking budgets; the need to do more with less

Improve marketing performance with lead nurturing

Lead nurturing is the process of using prospect preferences, behavior and profiling to deliver highly relevant, timely information that keeps them engaged. GrowthPoint‘s lead nurturing programs use advanced database segmentation, prospect scoring, personalized content and marketing automation to help companies:

  • foster awareness and preference for products and services, building a solid foundation for future sales success
  • improve the ability to measure campaign performance, helping companies drive a greater return on their marketing investments
  • understand the prospect's buying cycle and deepen the relationship with potential buyers
  • strengthen competitiveness and position sales to win the opportunity
  • respond to changing market conditions and the need to do more with less

The prospect buying cycle

Nurturing builds relationships with prospects in the critical early stages of the buying cycle. This leaves sales free to focus on closing opportunities.

Build awareness and improve competitiveness

Before sales can be made, marketers need to build awareness for a company’s products and services. This is more than just staying in front of customers with a constant stream of messages, hoping that something will stick. GrowthPoint lead nurturing helps marketers stay in front of prospects with relevant, timely information that helps them articulate their challenges so they can build the business case for a solution.

By ensuring only sales-ready opportunities reach the sales team, lead nurturing helps sales people be more productive. GrowthPoint customers leveraging lead nurturing consistently find sales people spending 50-80% less time qualifying leads, leaving them more time in front of prospects who are ready to buy.  And sales teams face less competition as lead nurturing helps prevent competitors from getting a foothold in a long sales cycle.

Make the most of every marketing dollar

Lead nurturing is one of the best ways for marketers to improve performance! Lead nurturing can:

  • reduce the cost of list acquisition by 92% or more, allowing marketers to develop and leverage their existing database
  • lower the cost of lead qualification by as much as 90% over telesales-only efforts
  • reduce the cost per lead by as much as 90%, allowing marketers to stretch their budget further
  • increase prospect engagement by as much as 400% over rented lists and “batch and blast” email campaigns

LeadCentral™ the platform for effective lead nurturing

GrowthPoint® lead nurturing programs are powered by LeadCentral™, an integrated, cloud-based marketing platform that enables marketers to build, manage and measure an unlimited number of campaigns that execute automatically in response to prospect behavior and role. The LeadCentral platform provides the ideal blend of measurability and flexibility for marketers to adapt programs to shifts in business strategy, while constantly improving results.

LeadCentral integrates the flow of leads from initial lead identification (e.g. tradeshows, webinars or online campaigns), to a highly flexible scoring engine and marketing automation, to an efficient cross-company lead management and opportunity tracking system. This enables LeadCentral customers to become more relevant and responsive to their prospects and more efficient with their time and resources.

LeadCentral also helps marketers and sales avoid database issues by keeping large unqualified prospect databases separate from strategic sales opportunities, regardless of whether the organization uses LeadCentral™ OTS (Opportunity Tracking System) or a third party CRM application.

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