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GrowthPoint’s Marketing Automation solution automates repetitive, time-consuming processes of lead generation while instantly responding to prospect behaviors/actions.

"Companies that automate lead management see a 10% or greater increase in revenue in 6 - 9 months" Gartner Research

Marketing challenges

In a fast-paced world where educated customers need the right information at the right time, marketers who rely on manual processes face a number of challenges:
  • limited marketing staff and resources
  • difficulty staying engaged during long buying cycles
  • inconsistent marketing efforts that fail to build momentum
  • loss of market share to competitors with more effective processes
  • inability to use data from sales to become more relevant to the prospect
  • lack of funding for telemarketing to qualify leads

Become relevant and timely

Prospects have no time for information that is not what they need at that precise moment. GrowthPoint‘s Marketing Automation enables marketers to utilize direct feedback from the prospect to provide the most relevant, timely information. This also enables marketers to tune their messages, offers, subject lines, lists and processes to keep the right buyers engaged and drive qualified leads to sales.

Do more with less

GrowthPoint‘s integrated Marketing Automation solution significantly reduces the time it takes to develop and manage a campaign by automating many of the processes involved such as email marketing, lead nurturing, telemarketing, and lead management. This allows marketing organizations to manage campaigns more effectively with fewer resources. It also allows sales teams to focus efforts on prospects who are ready to engage, while marketing nurtures those in the early stages of the buying cycle.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

Marketing organizations continually improve their results with email marketing and lead nurturing. Marketing Automation expands on these programs and provides significant advantages over traditional "batch and blast" email campaigns and manual nurturing processes.

With Marketing Automation, GrowthPoint customers have seen average improvements such as:

  • 50% less time on campaign setup and management activities
  • 300% improvement in open and click through rates
  • 85% reduction in telemarketing costs
  • As much as an 80% decrease in the cost of qualified leads
  • Increase sales engagement by more than 25%

Anatomy of an automated campaign

LeadCentral™ the platform for effective marketing automation

GrowthPoint’s Marketing Automation solutions are powered by LeadCentral, an integrated, cloud-based marketing platform that enables marketers to build, manage and measure an unlimited number of campaigns that execute automatically in response to prospect behavior and role.

The LeadCentral platform provides the ideal blend of measurability and flexibility for marketers to adapt programs to shifts in business strategy and prospect behavior, while constantly improving results.

LeadCentral automates the flow of leads from initial lead identification (e.g. tradeshows, webinars or online campaigns), through qualification, scoring, grading and lead assignment. This allows sales and marketing organizations to improve lead handling processes, decreasing delays and errors for improved campaign performance.

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