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GrowthPoint’s Prospect Scoring engine is a powerful prospect segmentation tool that allows marketers to deliver relevant, compelling messages and ensure a consistent stream of high-quality opportunities for future sales.

"79% of marketing leads never convert to sales.  Lack of lead nurturing is the common cause of this poor performance".  MarketingSherpa

Marketing challenges

Marketing multiple products to customers throughout a lengthy buying cycle presents a number of unique challenges:

  • Determining which messages and content resonate with prospects
  • Promoting 1:1 prospect engagement
  • Staying relevant when a prospect is considering multiple products or services
  • Keeping the prospect engaged as their interests and needs change over time
  • Avoiding even the perception of SPAM

Advanced segmentation for today’s prospects

Thanks to the internet, prospects have access to a never-ending supply of information that allows them to self-educate on products and services long before they talk to sales. Effective prospect scoring gives marketers the ability to react to prospects’ interests by creating high quality content and delivering it through electronic campaigns that can be far easier to manage and execute than traditional methods.

However, today’s prospects expect more than a constant bombardment of emails. At best, prospects can lose interest when they are overloaded with information they don’t want. At worst, too many emails may be perceived as SPAM, damaging the company’s reputation and potentially leading to fines and blacklisting.

To engage with prospects as individuals with unique interests and needs, marketers need tools that allow them to segment based on relevance (profile, interests, behaviors, etc.) and activity.

GrowthPoint’s Prospect scoring engine empowers this level of 1:1 prospect engagement by effectively scoring prospects based on these two critical measurements.

Prospect Scoring segments the marketing database to identify target prospects.

Relevance – Several factors can determine a prospect’s relevance to the company. For example, how closely do they fit the profile of a target customer? What industry are they in? What is their role? How long has it been since they last requested information?

Activity – This metric looks at the customer’s activity level, e.g., white papers downloaded, webinars attended, purchases made.

Unlike traditional prospect scoring tools that give one score to a prospect or opportunity, GrowthPoint recognizes that prospects’ interests vary over time and across product lines.

In GrowthPoint’s LeadCentral™ system, prospects may have multiple scores for both relevance and activity based on parameters and rules defined by the organization.

Measuring engagement through relevance and activity


Improve campaign performance and increase prospect engagement

Providing relevant, timely information is one of the best ways to improve marketing performance and increase customer engagement. Adding Prospect Scoring to Lead Nurturing and Marketing Automation provides a significant improvement over batch and blast email marketing. GrowthPoint customers have seen improvements such as:
  • 3X increase in email open rates
  • Landing page conversion rates as high as 70-80% compared to an industry average of 3%
  • More than a 10X increase in campaign conversions
  • Opt outs less than 1% compared to a typical industry average of more than 2-3%

LeadCentral™ and Prospect Scoring

Traditional single dimension prospect scoring/grading is sufficient for many companies. However, more is needed for companies with multiple product lines and lengthy, complex sales. GrowthPoint® developed LeadCentral™, the most sophisticated and flexible prospect scoring engine on the market, to provide customers with a marketing platform that works just as well in a channel environment as it does with a direct sales force.

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