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GrowthPoint® Opportunity Tracking helps multichannel sales organizations track opportunities to drive cross company collaboration and improve forecasting and close rates.

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Marketing challenges

Multichannel sales organizations selling technical products in a complex sales process face a number of challenges:

  • Capturing opportunity status from sales (internal or in the channel)
  • Aligning direct and channel sales efforts to the most important pursuits
  • Developing and tracking account plans across 3rd party opportunities
  • Collaborating with a channel and coordinating tasks required to close opportunities
  • Gaining the visibility needed to produce reliable forecasts that include 3rd party opportunities
  • Synchronizing information flow across disparate channel systems
  • Providing visibility to key sales pursuits while protecting the channel’s sensitive account and opportunity information
  • Rolling up forecasts from distributors, manufacturing reps, VARs and dealers across the entire organization


Herding cats

Anyone who has ever managed a 3rd party sales channel knows it’s not easy. Sharing information and coordinating activities can be a challenge. Third party sales organizations may need help closing opportunities, but they are often reluctant to share their entire account, contact and opportunity database. Instead, channel managers and their selling organizations often rely on email to update opportunity status, request assistance and supply information.

Without a transparent and seamless way to record and track activities, sales cycles get delayed, tasks are left undone and opportunities missed. Furthermore, untold hours are spent each month, often by expensive selling resources, gathering and rolling up forecasts.

Despite problems caused by disparate systems, requiring a 3rd party selling organization to use a standardized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Sales Force Automation (SFA) system is usually not feasible.

These organizations often work with multiple companies and may follow a different sales methodology mapped to their existing system. The cost of an additional/new system may be prohibitive. Or they may simply not feel comfortable sharing all of their account information with any single vendor.

In order to gain the visibility needed to collaborate effectively and produce reliable sales forecasts, channel sales organizations need technology that captures opportunity information from 3rd party sources and synchronizes required actions – without requiring a lot of effort and expense on the part of the channel.

Complete visibility to opportunities

GrowthPoint Opportunity Tracking allows organizations to share information with 3rd party sales channels, supporting collaborative sales efforts to help close more orders and automatically roll up forecasts. The system is tailored to capture the specific information needed to track, manage and collaborate on sales pursuits.

Account Plans can also be developed and managed in the system with a proper workflow defined to ensure the teamwork required to achieve the plan. Tasks can be assigned across internal as well as 3rd party resources, with email alerts notifying those responsible for completion. Regular reports help sales teams and account managers ensure smooth progress from account planning to opportunity creation to close.

Benefits of GrowthPoint Opportunity Tracking

  • One low monthly infrastructure investment with no “per seat” cost
  • Does not require the channel to purchase and learn a new CRM or SFA system
  • Web-based for easy access, including via mobile devices
  • Most opportunities can be entered/updated in seconds
  • Tailored to support the organization’s business and sales structure
  • Most channel organizations can be set up and running in less than thirty days

Opportunity Tracking – powered by LeadCentral™

LeadCentral, GrowthPoint’s integrated, cloud-based marketing platform helps channel sales organizations manage opportunities from creation to close. Adding Opportunity Tracking to LeadCentral is a powerful, cost-effective tool that allows channel sales to enter or update opportunities quickly and easily.


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