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GrowthPoint's Content Marketing program helps marketers create content that engages prospects and drives them to action. Combining Content Marketing with LeadCentral™ allows marketers to measure the effectiveness of their content and messages, improving their ability to engage their target audience.

Marketing challenges

  • Creating content for every step of the buying cycle, from initial education to final evaluation
  • Producing content that engages prospects
  • Creating content that differentiates
  • Finding the time to produce enough content to develop a consistent marketing program
  • Developing staff writers with the right skills – copy writing, technical writing, email copy, etc.
  • Creating content that drives prospects to action
  • Measuring the effectiveness of content marketing programs

Feed the prospect's hunger for knowledge

Prospects are hungry for knowledge. Information helps them differentiate themselves from others in their industry and earn the respect of peers, subordinates and managers. Materials addressing their key issues help them build an internal business case for a purchase, justify budgets, and support their buying decisions. A successful content program feeds the prospect's hunger with materials that are educational, relevant and timely. Providing content meeting these three criterion, allows marketers to connect with buyers in a truly personalized way that engages, educates and naturally develops opportunities for sales.

4 Keys to a successful Content Marketing program

Leave the content to us

GrowthPoint’s content marketing specialists are each experts in their field, having spent decades in the industry creating and managing their own successful content marketing programs. We have experts in a number of complex disciplines such as copy writing, multimedia advertising, social media, technical and white paper creation, script writing, presentations and video production.

GrowthPoint specializes in working with companies that sell complex, technical products. GrowthPoint content marketing experts help you convert complicated ideas into messages and materials that resonate with your target audience and drive prospects to action. 

Clients utilizing GrowthPoint's content marketing programs have seen improvements in their conversion by as much as 400%!

Key benefits of GrowthPoint's Content Marketing

A strong content marketing program improves prospect engagement and campaign conversions by increasing relevancy. By leveraging our content marketing programs, GrowthPoint clients have seen improvements such as:

  • Reduced cost of content creation
  • Increased prospect engagement throughout the buying cycle
  • Improved campaign conversion by 400%
  • Decreased staff overhead 25% by using GrowthPoint writers
  • Increased relevancy and timeliness utilizing the GrowthPoint process


LeadCentral™ and Content Marketing – a powerful combination

LeadCentral™, GrowthPoint’s integrated, cloud-based marketing platform, helps marketers leverage great content to engage customers and convert a lead to a customer. Measuring prospect response, engagement and opportunities generated by every piece of content regardless of how long it is used and in how many campaigns, marketers can measure the effectiveness of different pieces and different messages. Measuring which content and messaging is working is key to your ROI proof and to your overall success!

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