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GrowthPoint® helps marketers align media plans to business objectives and maximize their return by integrating media investments into a comprehensive marketing program.

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Marketing challenges

A strong media program can help marketers reach a large number of prospects, increase brand awareness, and provide a solid foundation for other sales and marketing initiatives. However, the marketer who wants to include media in their marketing mix faces a number of challenges:
  • Translating company objectives into media strategy
  • Defining media program objectives and expectations
  • Acquiring a media budget designed to achieve company goals
  • Developing a media plan within budget parameters
  • Determining the best media mix from an unlimited number of options
  • Measuring the success of media tactics
  • Negotiating the most advantageous contracts with media partners
  • Developing ad creative that is engaging, targeted and aligned to company brand
  • Submitting ad creative on time and in the right format
  • Matching insertion orders and invoices to actual media placement

3 elements of an optimized media plan

Part art, part science, the optimized media plan can help effectively reach a large number of the right prospects with timely messages that help achieve objectives such as increasing brand awareness, driving demand and supporting sales initiatives. An optimized plan addresses three important elements:

Who are you trying to reach?

Defining the target audience for a media program means segmenting a market along traditional lines such as industry and company size. However, media also offers the marketer a way to reach your prospects with role-specific messages. Developing personas and prioritizing targeted prospects based on their role in the decision making process can help focus your efforts. 

What do you want to say?
An optimized media program must align with key company messages and priorities. In addition to speaking the language of your prospect, you must drive prospects to action. Defining what action the prospect should take is critical, as it forms the basis for analyzing the effectiveness of your program.

Where will you say it?

Navigating the myriad of media options available can be challenging. Selecting the proper medium requires you to understand which media are most effective for the audience, as well as the message, while striking a balance between investment and company goals. Once the choices have been made, proper execution requires a tight focus on details such as ensuring creative aligns to brand standards, is submitted on-time and is in the proper format. Media orders must also be reconciled with actual placements.

GrowthPoint’s comprehensive, integrated approach

As a full service marketing agency, GrowthPoint is different from a conventional media agency. Our media planners have expertise in all types of media, not just traditional media such as print ads. We can help you manage the complexity of a comprehensive media program to ensure the media plan supports company goals. In addition, we understand the importance of building a solid foundation with messaging that resonates with the target audience as well as how an optimized media plan fits into a comprehensive demand creation program.

At GrowthPoint, we believe if a program is worth implementing, it’s worth measuring. Our end-to-end media program integrates the media plan with lead management through LeadCentral, GrowthPoint’s Marketing Automation Platform, showing media’s impact on demand creation with metrics such as cost per tactic, cost per impression, and cost per lead. This focus on metrics allows marketers to refine their media approach to ensure the greatest return on their investment.

GrowthPoint's end-to end media program





define strategic goals

set budgets

review prior results

determine metrics


research options

coordinate media buys across business units

leverage media partnerships to create customized programs

identify related offerings, e.g. list rentals

determine best investments




negotiate media buy

develop creative that aligns to branding standards

setup structure for ad performance reporting

test all online promotions

deliver creative in the right formats and on time

reconcile orders to actual placement


measure ad and media performance

develop summary and detailed reports

analyze campaign metrics against plan goals

recommend strategy and plan refinements

Benefits of GrowthPoint’s Media Program

Individual organizations may have very different media goals. Here are some of the goals that GrowthPoint has helped customers achieve:
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Decrease cost per impression
  • Increase nurture opportunities
  • Drive market demand
  • Identify sales leads
  • Initiate customer relationships
  • Increase website traffic
  • Improve search ranking
  • Drive event attendance
  • Support product launches
  • Support sales initiatives


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