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Everything you need to know about Solution Pitch

Can I send pitches from my smartphone?
Yes. If you have an iPhone, you can download the app via the link sent to you in an email from Apple. If you don’t have an iPhone, you can easily access Solution Pitch from the web browser on your smartphone.

When I send a pitch, which email address will it be from?
Solution Pitch sends messages directly from your email, so they will be from you! If you have more than one email account, you will have the option to select which email address you want to send the pitch from.

Can someone reply to a pitch I send them?
Yes. Since the pitches are sent from your email, the replies will come directly to your inbox, just like a normal email message. There is no need to log in to the app to check for responses.

Do I have to store all of the supporting document attachments on my computer or device?
No, that’s the beauty of Solution Pitch! The documents are stored on a separate server and attached via hyperlink. There is no need to manually go through your files to search for the right attachments. When you add an attachment in Solution Pitch, it uses the most recent copy. This is how it is able to work from a smartphone, so you don’t have to have access to documents stored on your computer to send a pitch.

Is there a file size limit?
Since attachments are added via hyperlink, you can send large file sizes within an email without affecting the size of the email itself. You won’t have to worry about a client’s email rejecting the message because the file sizes are too big. Now you can send someone multiple large files (videos, presentations, catalogs, CAD drawings, etc.) all in one email.

How do I know if a customer received the pitch I sent them? Can I see how many pitches I sent last month?
Yes. Full history of pitches is archived, so you can see if you’ve sent to a specific company before or how many pitches you sent over a specific time period. Some companies even setup contests to so see who can send the most pitches over a certain time period!

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