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GrowthPoint’s lead management solutions help ensure proper and prompt lead follow up for higher closure rates, even in multi-channel environments.

"46% of marketers with mature lead management processes have sales teams that follow up on more than 75% of marketing-generated leads."Forrester Research
"Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads." The Annuitas Group

Marketing challenges

Marketing organizations often spend a majority of their budget on lead generation. Yet many of those leads don’t receive prompt or proper follow up. Some of the lead management challenges marketers face include:

  • poorly defined lead processes for managing and measuring leads
  • a variety of lead sources and formats leading to processing delays and lost opportunities
  • manual, time-consuming and error-prone lead handling processes
  • CRM systems that are not effective in a multi-channel environment
  • loss of visibility after hand-off to sales, especially in a channel environment
  • ineffective handling of leads by sales
  • poor visibility into campaign performance due to inadequate feedback from sales


5 steps to world-class lead management

Addressing the challenges of lead management requires a solid strategy and easy to use tools that support company objectives. GrowthPoint works with marketers to implement an effective lead management program by following a five-step process.

Strategy – World-class lead management starts with proper planning. GrowthPoint helps marketers define strategies to ensure that leads are effectively qualified, graded for quality and routed to the right hands for prompt and appropriate follow up.

Setup – GrowthPoint’s LeadCentral™ platform improves response time, especially in a complex channel environment, by automating lead management processes. The system can handle any number of sources and formats, decreasing delays in lead entry and assignment.

Execution – Many GrowthPoint customers have been able to decrease the time it takes to assign leads from days to mere seconds. When leads are assigned to the field, they are accompanied by a full history of the opportunity as well as links to sales tools to help close the business.

Reporting – Because the system is easy to use and does not require an on-premises implementation, channel partners and direct salespeople can easily update leads, improving marketing’s visibility into the prospect’s buying cycle and campaign performance.

Analysis – GrowthPoint helps marketing organizations by analyzing results and implementing course corrections for a continuous improvement in campaign and lead management performance.

Cost effective lead management for the channel

LeadCentral™ is a cost-effective web-based solution for managing leads even in a channel environment. LeadCentral makes it easy for channel partners to use the system by allowing the addition of channel users without requiring user-licenses or software installation. Since companies and their channel partners don’t need to use the same Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in order to leverage LeadCentral, there is no need to replace existing systems. LeadCentral also helps multi-channel organizations manage leads more effectively.  Employing proven marketing tools like prospect scoring and lead grading, leads are automatically assigned to sales with the proper sense of urgency.  In a multi-channel environment, this eliminates the need for a direct salesperson to manually share leads and collect feedback from channel partners.

GrowthPoint® clients regularly receive feedback from sales on more than 85% of the leads!

LeadCentral™ the platform for effective lead management

GrowthPoint’s lead management programs are powered by LeadCentral™, an integrated, cloud-based marketing platform that enables marketers to build, manage and measure an unlimited number of campaigns that execute automatically in response to prospect behavior and role. The LeadCentral™ platform provides the ideal blend of measurability and flexibility for marketers to adapt programs to shifts in business strategy, while constantly improving results.

LeadCentral integrates the flow of leads from initial lead identification (e.g. tradeshows, webinars or online campaigns), through qualification, scoring, grading and lead assignment. This allows sales and marketing organizations to automate and improve lead handling processes, decreasing delays and errors for improved organizational performance.

LeadCentral helps marketers and sales avoid database issues by keeping large and highly unqualified prospect databases separate from strategic sales opportunities, regardless of whether the organization uses LeadCentral OTS (Opportunity Tracking System) or a third party CRM application.

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