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Knowledge is power. From small optimizations to strategic overhauls, there are many ways to get more leads, sales, and customers from your marketing. Browse our resources and check out our blog for marketing know-how.

Marketing & Sales Resources

Resources - Lead Mangement White Paper

Defining and Delivering B2B Leads that Sales People Want


What happens when you ask sales what they want most from marketing, and you ask marketing what they want most from sales? You find out that they BOTH focus on subject of “leads,” but come at this from two completely different angles. This white paper focuses on aligning marketing and sales to define the kind of leads that sales people want. Topics include:

  • What both marketing and sales want
  • Taking off the blinders
  • The truths to embrace about leads
  • Execute, measure, talk, adjust…repeat

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Resources - Marketing Brochure

Partnering with you to create repeatable, measurable marketing and sales success


GrowthPoint is not your average “agency,” We are solely focused on partnering to produce measurable results in marketing and sales activities. GrowthPoint understands that in today’s demanding marketing environment, your marketing team may need to augment their skills and tools to get the results you need. Download and read our brochure to learn how:

  • We offer on-demand, experienced marketing services to fill gaps in your knowledge, skills, and/or bandwidth.
  • We offer services that leverage technology to deliver a customized environment for accelerating sales success by converting leads into opportunities across the full scope of direct and channel sales environments.
  • We offer an exclusive “narrow and deep” focus that gives us a unique ability to elevate your marketing and sales results as a manufacturer.
Resources - Sales Brochure

Your Partner to Achieve Sales Excellence


We understand the challenges of creating consistent results from multi-channel sales teams. GrowthPoint offers services and tools to help you elevate skills across all your sales channels to accelerate the results you are tasked to deliver. Download this brochure that outlines how we can work with you to:

  • Combine our narrow and deep B2B industry focus with real-world sales and marketing experience to develop an effective go-to-market roadmap that aligns your sales and marketing teams
  • Provide your marketing and sales teams with effective sales enablement tools
  • Create a more data-driven approach to measure marketing and sales effectiveness

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