SolutionPitch: The best cloud-based sales automation tool to boost the effectiveness and message consistency of individual sales emails.

Solution Pitch is the only digital sales automation tool that organizes sales pitches & related collateral into one common database for your sales people to easily access & email to prospects and customers FAST!

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Solution Pitch helps sales more effectively use technology they already are using everyday — EMAIL

Salespeople are ALWAYS looking for anything that gives them an edge to sell more and increase their commissions.

Solution Pitch is intuitively simple
It works
It saves sales time
It yields measureable results

Using the Solution Pitch mobile app, sales can access their existing Outlook and send pitches fast and easy – with confidence that they are sharing the right information and collateral.

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solution pitch desktop and mobile interface
SolutionPitch Sales Enablement Tool

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Get every salesperson across the enterprise pitching solutions with the same authority and in the same voice. 

The Pitch library organizes product marketing collateral in one place that is accessible to all your sales channels

Easy to Access

Sales people do not need a VPN connection

Easy to Inventory

One sales collateral location to keep current

Easy to Measure

Real-time visibility into who’s pitching what

SolutionPitch: Sales Automation Tool



To boost attendance at its big, national U.S. user event, this Fortune 100 manufacturer wanted a simple way to enable each salesperson to include consistent, accurate messaging in their invitations, customized to the prospect’s industry segment — and they needed to track results.

< 45-Day Campaign Period

  • Created 29 unique email invitations, each customized with value messaging on event courses and activities targeted to different customer industry segments or decision stage (i.e. following up on invite).
  • 1,168 salespeople & distributors representing 24 regions sent invites through the program
  • 10,820 email invites sent
  • 60.3% email open rate by invitees who clicked on 56,885 links to learn more about the event
  • 975 attendee registrations generated

Every service we offer is purposefully focused on delivering measurable results and providing transparency between marketing strategy/tactics and sales performance.