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GrowthPoint® is focused on helping marketers solve the problems they face most: finding prospective customers, engaging them with relevant, timely information and ripening them up to close! In today's complicated marketing world this is challenging to say the least.  In the past the GrowthPoint® team was in the same shoes, trying to not only engage prospective customers and deliver ripe leads to sales, they had to prove ROI on every dollar spent with limited support, systems and talent. 

That is why GrowthPoint® was built!  We created a proven process to not only help marketers define and articulate your strategy, we work with the marketing team to create a metric based actionable plan with the right messaging that will resonate with your prospective buyers.  We utilize our years of experience as publishers and editors to create the right content and media outreach that finds your prospective customers and nurtures them 'til they're ripe. Our process then delivers leads to sales with all the relevant details which helps convert prospects to customers! 


Plan, Execute, Measure!
GrowthPoint’s team will help you develop and fine-tune your strategy and create a concrete plan to ensure you succeed.  We have a proven process that will put all your desired objectives and goals on the table, get everyone on the team to agree on priorities and work with your team to determine measurable goals. The GrowthPoint team does not stop there, we will help your team build an execution plan, utilizing LeadCentral GrowthPoint’s Marketing Platform. LeadCentral will keep track of all your marketing efforts and your progress toward your goals, ensuring success you can prove!
What does it take to build a cohesive strategy and get everyone aligned?

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GrowthPoint® helps marketers translate your target audience needs into value-based messages that resonate and increase prospect engagement. The GrowthPoint team specializes in helping companies translate features into benefits stated in the customer’s language. We help companies show how their solutions address prospect needs better than the competition.  In our messaging workshop our trained GrowthPoint team will take you through a series of exercises resulting in your creation of a messaging bible that can be used again and again throughout the company.
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GrowthPoint’s team prides ourselves in having some of the best content creation talent in the industry.  With years of publishing and marketing expertise, our team knows how to engage and gain the trust of your prospects.  Creating the right content which engages your prospects early and nurtures and guides them through their buying cycle, is critical.  GrowthPoint’s content experts will help you organize your current content assets and determine where you have critical gaps. We help you create, test and utilize a well-rounded content library to ensure you get the most out of what you already have, and create only what you need!

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GrowthPoint® team experience as product marketers combined with publishers make us see media placement differently.  We understand firsthand how important making the right media choices is to your success.  Our team ran P&L’s and understands the importance of making every dollar spent, perform!  We help you utilize our understanding of media, media planning, content and messaging to make your marketing really work.  As past publishers…..we see it differently!  We know what to ask and expect. This makes us good negotiators on your behalf!

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