B2B Marketing Playbook

The One-Person B2B Marketing Department Playbook – Chapter 1 – Taking Inventory

As a one-person (or small staff) B2B marketing shop, the logical place to start is to map out (take inventory of) the current knowledge and skills you can competently bring to the table yourself, the knowledge and skills you believe you should learn to provide yourself, and then those that you are willing to outsource to ensure the success of your marketing efforts. Taking inventory is the first step in the B2B Marketing Playbook.

The One-Person B2B Marketing Department Playbook – Introduction

This B2B Marketing Playbook (series of articles and then a real book) is designed specifically to cover the unique challenges that one-person (or small staff) marketers face. The end goal is to accelerate the overall process enabling you to deliver all of the full-service marketing deliverables required to drive sales success for your business.