Product Release: Improve sales effectiveness with cloud-based sales enablement and automation tool. The right message and collateral at a salesperson’s fingertips!

Solution Pitch, a cloud-based sales automation tool, is simply something that sales people dream of and likely don’t have. Now their dreams have come true – your salesperson can use their mobile device or any browser to quickly locate and send their prospect the perfect solution pitch every time.

Sales Challenge

Once a salesperson qualifies a prospect and fully understands the right solution to pitch that customer, the usual challenges are:

  • Finding the right collateral to send (could be located in multiple places)
  • Creating an email message or delivering a verbal message that is consistent with the messaging created and provided by the marketing team
  • Doing both of those things quickly enough to respond to the customer (“I have to get back to the office,” “I need to find a Wi-Fi spot for my laptop,” “I will get that to you tomorrow”)

Marketing Challenge

As marketers, you spend a great deal of time, money, and sincere effort at…

  • creating specific solution messaging that resonates with customers and their needs
  • creating the content to support that messaging
  • then just trusting that your sales force can repeatedly deliver that message and content to customers in their meetings or through email (what can you measure?)

The Solution – Solution Pitch, a cloud-based sales automation tool

GrowthPoint’s Solution Pitch provides a radically different approach to these challenges by delivering the four key components: creation, organization, access, reporting.

sales enablement tool demo 1

Pitch Creation

Specific users (e.g., marcom) only have access to create/revise pitches.

If you have the messaging and collateral, then a pitch takes less than five minutes to enter.

You enter the “pitch” (paragraph or two) and associate the approprate collateral (e.g., white paper, brochure, catalog, video, price sheet) with that pitch.

Pitch Organization

Administrators can create as many solution groups as desired.

Pitches are tagged to appear in one or more groups.

Sales personnel can browse groups or use a full-function search to locate pitches containing specific words or phrases.

Pitch Access

Sales personnel can use their mobile device from anywhere they have a signal – or any web browser.

Select pitch, optinally type a custom greeting “Dave, here is the information we just discussed .. “.

Then SEND.

Customer receives the greeting, the pitch, and access to all pitch collateral.

Pitch Reporting

Real-time dashboard provides visbility to number of product pitches sent, number of unique prospects receiving pitches, number of documents sent and open rate on collateral (can drill down in each specific area).

Automated reports can be delivered to key stakeholders to track sales usage, open rates, and ultimately to track specific leads and revenue opportunities.

Creating a solution pitch is done in four quick steps: Insert the “pitch” text using the rich text editor, select group(s) to include in the pitch, select a user visibility (who can use this pitch), then upload or include a link to the collateral.

Pitches are organized into groups. In this example, there are five groups of GrowthPoint solution pitches. The “Prospect Nurturing Programs” group is open and you see two specific solution pitches that are available. Each pitch can be placed into one group or more than one group based on how you organize your offerings.

Sending a solution pitch is as simple as sending an email, except the content is consistent and ready, every time!
• User interface available via any browser, or from mobile app (mobile app samples below)
• If accessing from a LeadCentral “lead page,” the recipient information is pre-populated.
• Sales person can add a personal message that will appear seamlessly above the message.
• Solution Pitch uses signature of mobile or desktop PC client, or you can customize.

The customer receives the pitch as a regular email from the sales person sending the pitch from Solution Pitch.

There are two reporting options available with Solution Pitch for authorized administrators and one option available to your sales team.

Real-Time Dashboard

Administrators have access to the real-time dashboard you see below, with the ability to drill down further into the details reported.

Automated PDF Reports delivered to your Inbox

Administrators and also any other stakeholder you choose to include can receive automated reports (customizable schedule) that provides an overview of the latest product pitch statistics and these can be customized in terms of organization (e.g., territories, regions, divisions, distributors) so that you can build both visibility in usage and accountability in results.