What is your sales team pitching: When your sales team sends an email to a prospect to pitch a product, what do they say? It’s very likely that many of you have no idea. You make an assumption that if you have given sales leadership or the sales team the right product/service brochures or other collatoral, or you have given them an approved presentation, or they have sat in a meeting where they were given the right information, that they will all be able to communicate effectively when writing emails to connect or follow-up with prospects.

Why take that risk? My experience is that in any sales organization, only the top 20%* of sales team members intuitively know how to transform product/solution information into a value focused message in email. The remaining sales people need your help. They likely spend a lot of time searching through folders looking for collateral to send and then write every email in the moment. All to often, this results in inconsistent and infeffective emails that lack real value propositions or effective calls to action.

What’s the answer? The answer is for you to collaborate with those intuitive sales performers to pre-write effective emails with pre-determined collateral that supports those email “pitches.” You can organize these pitches by market segments, by your product lines, or by personas – the key is giving your sales people an easy way to find these.

You can find various tools that may assist you with this including template capabilities in some email marketing tools or CRM tools, by adding organization-wide templates in Office365, or via a mobile (phone or tablet) app.

If you are not pre-writing email pitches and organizing the collateral delivered, you can assume that about 80% of your sales team is winging it each time. Why not elevate your entire sales team’s ability to pitch based on messages the effective performers use every day! What is your sales team pitching

Resource Note: Feel free to reach out to me directly ([email protected]) to learn more about how you can create pitches in your CRM (e.g., Hubspot) or using GrowthPoint’s Pitch Pro mobile app.

Note from the author:  *The 20% number cited is based on (a) qualitative research I conducted as VP Sales Development of a major B2B publishing company that included 300+ sales people, (b) qualitative research I conducted as CMO of a global manufacturer that included 50+ sales people, and (c) overall experience managing various sales teams over a 20-year period.