You wrote your messaging (some call it value propositions) for your brand and each of your products, now what do you do with that messaging? If you only use messaging in advertising or in a powerpoint or document that you want sales to share, you will miss an important step. Where messaging matters: Everything customer facing

Where messaging matters: Your overall brand messaging and specific product messaging should be used in every customer facing material you produce (e.g., company brochure, product brochures, white papers, nurture emails).

For example, consider a product brochure. So often I see brochures organized by “what” the product does. Your messaging (i.e., value propositions) allow you organize your brochure by the “why” your product exist for customers (i.e., why they would want to buy your product). In other words, you can organize your product features and functions by your value propositions and also weave in key brand messages that reinforce why they would buy from your company.

What about your website? If you only sprinkle a little messaging on the home page, but then create your product/solution pages with nothing but “what” you do, you are missing a huge messaging opportunity.

So remember that a final messaging document is NOT an end result. A messaging document is an internal tool you use to:

  • Transform your website into a marketing platform
  • Integrate into ad creative
  • Sell internally to every employee (to represent your “why”)
  • Organize and present copy in all customer facing documents, presentations, emails

And if you don’t have a formal messaging (i.e., value proposition) document, then you can start there.